Edmonton Pickleball Club

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a member - can I try playing pickleball?
Sorry, but because of insurance policies, you may not. But you can play at Bonnie Doon (by Vimy Ridge School) on Tues, Wed, Sat or Sun from 9 - 3pm. There are community courts run by EPC.

Sorry, I am late. Can I still play?
(If play has already started): Sorry, but no, we have already called the numbers and got the round robin schedule organized.

How can I become a member?
Google edmontonpickleballclub.org  
Click on "Join-Renew" and fill out the information.

How much is the membership?
$80:  $65 for EPC, $10 for Canada Pickleball and $5 for Alberta Pickleball.

How do I move up or down levels?
Send an email to ratings@edmontonpickleballclub.org to request this.

Can you cancel my spot in the session?
This is your job. In SUG, you must log in to your account.  Your name will have an edit option in the session. Click the x button.

Can I use the court on the pavement side? It is not in use at this time.
If none of the courts are being used, then you may use one. But if any of the courts are being used by members playing round robin, then no.

Are these courts all booked by EPC?
The courts have been rented from Royal Gardens community league. The pavement side is available on Saturday and Sunday after 1:15 pm.

Are there open sessions?
You can sign up for them on Sat and Sunday evenings.
There is partner play on Fridays (Round robin style, all ratings play together).

Who can I contact for SUG problems?
(Raymond) rcl_EPC@shaw.ca

I cannot sign into SUG on my phone.
If you are getting a recaptcha message try signing in on a different device. If not, contact Raymond. rcl_EPC@shaw.ca

Who can I contact for more specific information about EPC?
Try the website edmontonpickleballclub.org.
If you do not find the information you are looking for, you can email president@edmontonpickleballclub.org

Do you use bleach to clean the balls?
No, soap and water.