Edmonton Pickleball Club

Pickleball Etiquette

Edmonton Pickleball Club Etiquette

* We are a club and are held to expectations of behaviour.

* Arrive on time so the round robin schedule does not have to be changed after a round.

* Walk quickly to your court if games are in play.

* Introduce yourself before a game.

* Play kindly with the weakest player in the game; slamming shots doesn’t bring you respect.

* Do not take advantage of a player’s physical limitations.

* Call out the score every time you serve so that your opponents can hear the score.

* Make sure your opponent is ready before you serve. You have 10 seconds to serve after you announce the score.

* If you or your partner are not sure if the ball is in or out, the call is always in favor of your opponent.

* If you hit a ball into another court, immediately YELL “Ball on Court!”. Do NOT chase the ball onto the other court.

* When retrieving a ball for another court or opponent, hit it hard enough to make sure it reaches the person. Do not kick it to the person.

* Do not offer advice to other players, unless asked for it. Even then, be gentle.

* No foul language. There is zero tolerance for comments of a sexual, gender or racist nature. Do not commit any act that could be considered unsportsmanlike. Inappropriate behaviour, actions or language may result in suspension or cancellation of membership in accordance with EPC bylaws.

* Compliment people for outstanding amazing shots or for a great game.

* Leave no garbage behind.