Edmonton Pickleball Club

Ladder/Mortimer/King Court Rules


EPC members will adhere to the following rules regarding Ladder Play for separate 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0+ mixed ladders.

There will be a Men’s and Ladies’ champion for each ladder and each champion will have his/her name inscribed on the appropriate Club Ladder Trophy.
Play will begin MAY 27 for a total of 12 weeks.

All scores will be recorded using an appropriate scoring program which will calculates players’ winning percentages.
To be eligible to win, a player must have recorded scores on 7 different dates.
The champion will be determined by the player with the highest winning percentage as determined by https://www.globalpickleball.network/pickleball-leagues/leagues/pickleball-ladder-page/ladderEvent/1546-epc-summer-ladders-2023 .
All players will start at 0% and the scoring program will determine which court a player will start.
A player may join the ladder anytime up to and including July 7.
After this date the ladder competition will be open only to those who have played at least two times. This rule is to maintain the integrity of the scoring program regarding player seeding. New players will always start at the bottom of the ladder.
All ladders will use balls provided by EPC.
If during the course of the ladder, a player is promoted to a higher skill rating, the skill level at which he/she has participated in the most, shall be deemed his/her player rating for the purposes of determining ladder winners.

Players sign up for the ladder on Court Reserve and must be checked in by the Ladder Captain    10 minutes before play can begin. No exceptions.

Courts with 4 players will play to 11, win by 1, switch sides at 6.
Courts with 5 players will play to 9, win by 1, switch sides at 5
If all players agree, players may decide to not switch sides during the game.
In case of rain, the decision to call the games will be made 1 hour before the scheduled start of the games and players shall be notified by email. Once the call has been made, that is it. RAINOUTS WILL NOT REDUCE THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF PLAY REQUIRED TO WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP.
In case of rain, if all courts have completed Round 1, then those scores will count. If rain affects Round 2 any completed games will count. The Ladder Captain will determine whether courts are safe to play on. The decision of the Ladder Captain shall be final.
In case of injury where a player can no longer play, a substitute can be brought in, provided remaining players all agree. If no substitute is found, scores will be final as they stand.
If injury occurs in Round 1 and no substitute is found, the courts assignments will be manually adjusted.


Mortimer is a 3 v. 3 version of Pickleball. The Round Robin schedule shows your group of three. Once you get to the court, choose one player on your team to start as the Mortimer. That individual stands behind the baseline at the center of the court. So, the serving team will have all three players at the baseline. The Mortimer is not permitted to serve, return a serve or return the third shot. (AFTER 2ND SHOT OF SERVING TEAM IS COMPLETE EVERYONE IS IN THE GAME)  The Mortimer hovers in the back of the court while the other two players move up to the kitchen line. The Mortimer typically picks up lobs and shots down the middle that get past the players at the net. When one of the kitchen line players makes an error, they swap places with the Mortimer.


Become the ruler of the Pickleball court! The session starts out as any typical Round Robin where everyone is randomly assigned a court and partner. Court 1 is considered the King's Court. You play in timed games of 10 minutes each. The team with the highest score at the time limit is the winner. If you win, you and your partner move up one court towards the King’s Court. If you lose, you and your partner move down one court. After moving to your next court, players do a rotation so that you play with a new partner. Try and get to the King’s Court and stay there until the end of the 2 hours