Winnipeg West Pickleball


OPEN PLAY on Wednesdays. (Alternating with Orientation to PB for May.)

We are starting open play on Wednesdays for club members at The Bruce Oake Recovery Centre.

  • You must sign up for each session to come out. Initially we are capping play at 24 people until we see how everything works out.
  • We will be collecting a fee (donation) of $5.00 per day at the Bruce Oake Centre. There will be a collection box on-site and we request that you bring $5.00 cash. Once we have sufficient funds we will make a donation to the Centre. 
  • Entry will be by the gym door on the West side of the building. There is parking to the north of the entrance, probably 8 spots with additional parking in large lot North and West of the entrance. See the attached drawing for parking locations, please do not use other spots. Note. The gym entrance is at the bottom right of the red circle on the drawing (attachment).
  • Players must be double vaxx’d and WWPB Covid protocols are to be followed, masks recommended as this is open play.

Here is the link for sign up:

Signup for open play

Parking information, please read.

Bruce Oak parking

Orientation to Pickleball, April 27, May 15, May 27th.

As you are not members of Winnipeg West Pickleball, please download and fill out our waver below and bring to your class. If you cannot print we will have extra at the session.


Our club covid procedures are in use.

Club Covid Procedures