Winnipeg West Pickleball


Our Outdoor season will kick off May 6th.


The overall court activity calendar is Hold My Court

Winnipeg West Pickleball Club (

  1. White open slots during club hours are bookable for a small group of member players using your Hold my Court login. Select the time slot and enter all players names.
  2. Club Play (members only, no skill levels) Play is booked using PlayTime Scheduler. We do not want to overload the courts and have people not able to play.
    1. This is a club mixing activity and everyone deserves the same opportunity and respect. For Club play to work properly everyone has to co-operate and share the courts with others.. Court monitors will organize play and daily play methods must be followed. WWPC Code of Conduct
    2. Some Club Play times ie: Saturdays may also have a Challenge Court option for more advanced players. Anyone can challenge “in”, maximum two (2) games in a row.
  3. Other activities are available for you to participate in (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, 3.5 Plus, 4.0 plus. The “Plus” groups are skill rated to join, see the procedures and criteria on our web site.
  4. Courts may be added to or subtracted from activities as we move ahead through the summer.
  5. Due to our growing membership we are attempting to use all of our court time allocations. All play and events simply cannot be at 8AM. or 10AM. Nor can we assign an evening or weekend time to every group.
  6. Note: club members can also play on "public" courts during public times and club times, BUT you must share with others as you would at any other city outdoor facility. These guidelines are posted on our City court allocation posters.
  7. If you do not have a Hold My Court account, please see information in your confirmation/receipt email. (Free)

Here is the link to open an account: Winnipeg West Pickleball Club (

Club Play, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced , 3.5 Recreational, 3.5 Plus, 4.0 plus are club scheduled activities and will be booked using PlayTime Scheduler. You must sign up to attend. Drills and Skills are drop-in (just show up)

  1. We have been able to set up a special location code for the club. You will see “Winnipeg West Pickleball club Activity at St. James Memorial Sports Park” as the prefix to all our club scheduled times.
  2. PlayTime Scheduler allows us better control over the number of players, gender, skill level for each activity and provides waitlisting and notifications by email for each activity.
  3. PlayTime Scheduler sessions will be available for booking 1 day (24 hr.) before scheduled start time. Monday activities 3 days in advance. We are trying to allow everyone a chance to register.
  4. If you already have a PlayTime Scheduler account, check your entered skill level, as too low or too high may prevent you from registering for some activities.
  5. You need an individual email. If you share an email in PCNS with a family member for billing purposes, please login and change or add your individual email. We import the individual emails into PlayTime Scheduler.
  6. You can optimize which notification emails to receive under "Account\Notifications".
  7. If you DO NOT have a PlayTime Scheduler account (free or premium) please create one. (Note: You only require the Free version).

Here is the link to open an account: PlayTime Scheduler for Pickleball

Men’s and Ladies Ladder Leagues will use Pickleball Brackets.

This program is used by Pickleball Canada for sanctioned tournaments and provides both a club and tournament skill ratings (they do not mix, the two ratings are separate). See Pickleball Brackets for Men’s and Ladies scheduled times.

If you are interested in competitive Men’s and Ladies ladder leagues you must have a Pickleball Brackets account ( also free).

Here is the link to open an account: Pickleball Brackets

We are in need of “Court Captains / coordinators” for every club activity. If you can help us during your playing group / time a day or two a week, let us know. (

There are help instructions for using the programs on our club website under “Member Stuff” and “Help Files”

Winnipeg West Pickleball (

For detailed information on Scheduling, activities and procedures see our website.

OUTDOOR PLAY INFO - Winnipeg West Pickleball (

Our scheduling committee has done their best to accommodate all members in this first revision. We will re-evaluate the schedule in early June and make changes were appropriate. If you have ideas or concerns please let us know ( We do appreciate your feedback! Your cooperation with these procedures will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have fun!

WWPB Directors

Consider Wearing Eye Protection!